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Membership Benefits

Benefits Include:-


The Committee of Management meets on a monthly basis. All members are welcome to attend and become involved. For information regarding time and venues contact the resource center or view details on our web site. Sustainable centre visits and special events are planned throughout the year at various locations around and beyond Melbourne. Venues such as early childhood services, gardens, zoos, recycling stations etc which are actively participating in environmental education are chosen to provide members with ideas and inspiration to feed back to their own centres and areas of employment.

How To Join EEEC?

The procedure of becoming the member is as follows.

  1. Fill in and Submit the online form by following the link below
  2. You will receive an email detailing the account details for electronic payment
  3. Pay directly to EEEC bank account through Internet Banking.(Credit Card facilities comming soon)
  4. You will receive the email within 7 to 10 business day confirming that payment has been received
  5. Online Application Form