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Trinature Products


EEEC no longer sells Tri Nature products but can redirect you to our distributor.

Why Tri Nature?

A product can be labeled both safe and sustainable if a number of criteria are considered. These include health of people, health of the planet, effectiveness and minimises water use. Here are some of the reasons why Tri Nature exceeds these guidelines:

-Health of people. It is a pleasure to use products without the need for gloves or to worry about toxic fumes

-Health of the planet. Effective but gentle plant based formulas minimise the damage to waterways and ecosystems

-They work. We have found some of the products work better than conventional one’s. The citrus dishwasher powder is an example of this.

-Less packaging because the products are sold in bulk, concentrated formulas that use less packaging. Many of the cleaners can be diluted with water and can be used for multiple applications.

-Australian developed, made an owned. (So less Co2 emissions from transport)

Products can be purchased in small or bulk containers, delivered to your service directly for a cost of $17.00. All of the products are concentrated with no fillers, salts, soap or phosphates. It is important that users follow the recommended usage and dilution amounts as this ensures best value and avoids wastage.  All products have material safety data sheets MSDS and these can be emailed to you

Please contact EEEC at for further details

Safe for Children

Tri Nature Cleaning Products