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Resource Philosophy


All EEEC resources are developed with a philosophy that incorporates both sustainability and early childhood best practice principles. Approaches include:

  • Inclusion of a range of wooden and natural materials, to offer a balance to the overuse of plastic equipment
  • Use of recycled and plantation timbers
  • Consideration of the life cycle of each product ensuring it is long lasting and comes from sustainable sources
  • Resources that can be used in a multitude of ways
  • Provision of open-ended play materials that encourage imagination and creativity
  • Sale of a natural bees wax polish to preserve and maintain timber products
  • Use of gravel as an alternative to colored rice and avoiding using food for play
  • Use of natural materials such as recycled wool and cotton to provide soft elements for play
  • Provision of DVDs, information booklets and published books to enhance understanding
  • Utilisation of the skills of local crafts people
  • Professional texts that incorporate the principles of Early Childhood Education for Sustainability
  • Children's picture books that explore sustainability concepts